Just Look At This Asshole: College Student Very “Hurt” By Invitation To Consent Workshop

When George Lawson, 19, received an Facebook invite for an I Heart Consent workshop through Warwick University, he was not amused by the event name. He was actually outraged by the implication that he would need one of these workshops, which are being rolled out by other schools as well.

Lawson proceeded to express his anger by publishing a piece about it in his school’s paper, The Tab. He described the invite as a “massive, painful, bitchy slap in the face,” stated he did not need “to be taught to not be a rapist,” and complained that the invitation “implies I have an insufficient understanding of what does and does not constitute consent and that’s incredibly hurtful.” You know what’s MORE hurtful, George? Being raped by someone who doesn’t understand or care about consent, which is something that one in four women will experience in her lifetime.

In case readers didn’t get it how personally Lawson was taking it, he hammered his message home with a picture of him holding a sign that read “This is not what a rapist looks like.”

This visual aid isn’t helping his cause. Anytime you hold a sign that says you’re not something, it only makes it seem like you are. Like if I held a sign on the street that said, “This is not what a drug dealer looks like,” I’d expect to eventually get searched by the cops. But also, what is the point of his sign? That rapists look different from him? That a rapist couldn’t possibly be blond and wear a collared shirt?

After an uproar, Lawson finally admitted that his sign “massive faux pas,” but he told the Daily Mail that he stands by his article in The Tab. His reaction is so obviously misguided, not to mention hugely self-absorbed. One would hope that a person who really does have a sufficient understanding of consent — and cares about seeing it respected and honored — would also want others to be as educated. Instead, Lawson took the invitation to this consent workshop as a personal attack. Lawson may not be a rapist, but he sure is an asshole.

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