Comedian Reinterprets Classic Pin-Ups For Satirical Feminist Calendar Pin Up Yours

Do you dream of a world where women are raunchy with abandon, able to own their sexuality, and laugh at themselves and everything else in the world?

We sure as hell do, and so does Katie Hannigan, the comedian behind the creation of Pin Up Yours!, a satirical twist on classic pin-up culture, full of beautiful and bawdy New York City comedians. Ms. Hannigan is a powerhouse, and hired the equally hardworking and immensely talented Mindy Tucker to collaborate with as her photographer.

Try to not be endeared:


The calendar is available on Etsy and is the perfect gift for yourself and anyone in your life who loves hilarious women who don’t give a fuck. It’s also only $20 so it totally meets the requirement for all of your Secret Santa office gift exchange needs. The guys in IT will love it!

PS. An added bonus? The calendar also features our very own Lauren Vino posing as Ms. December (left) next to a similar old timey pinup!


I was also lucky enough to hang with the delightful Katie Hannigan at a recent event at Brit Pack in Lower Manhattan for the calendar launch, and asked her some questions about the project:

The Frisky: What initially inspired you for this project besides the obvious; (feminism, comedy, etc). Was there a personal aspect you’d like to elaborate on?

Katie: I always buy a weekly desk calendar in January, when then bottom of the barrel books go on discount at Barnes & Noble. In 2013, I got a pin-up themed one, so every week for a year, as I was writing in my schedule, I had a different pin-up to muse over. I was surprised that the genre has a lot of unity – most are quite funny, but the humor comes from women being portrayed as unabashedly stupid – almost childlike. Like a little girl who spilled chocolate all over her dress. Or a girl who accidentally caught her dress in the vacuum cleaner. While I liked the calendar, I was angered and grossed out by the portrayal of the women.

Meanwhile, Mindy and I did a portrait session a few years ago, where I posed as a character who happened to be both a vampire and a Banana Republic model. I’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea of satirical portraits since then. So, its a combination of a couple of [those] things.

How was it working with Mindy as a photographer? She’s the best!

Mindy is such a fantastic artist! I was first of all so honored that she agreed to work with me.  Her work ethic and skill as an artist is just unparalleled. Mindy brought an incredible music selection and great creative energy to the studio each day and she was so fun to vibe with. She even coached me through taking a photo of her for our back cover, which was such a rush! Mindy’s work is the highest standard, but that does’t mean she shoots for hours and hours. When we were working over our three-day shoot, sometimes we would be, like, four photos in and be like, oh my god, we STRAIGHT UP got it!

Why do you think pin-ups in particular sparked your interest?

I am, in general, very interested in sexism in mid-century pop culture. I’m also a big sci-fi fan, and the sexism in some of the old books is so overt, it’s honestly laughable. Pin-ups are so idealized even today, and seen as endearing and cute, a kind of more elegant and refined version of porn, when they should be enraging.  Of course women can have sex appeal, but they don’t need to be stupid to do it.

What made you pick THESE particular lady comedians as your models?

I really didn’t put too much thought into the casting, except that I wanted to reflect the diversity in the NY female comedy community. I just floated the idea casually one evening, when I was having dinner with Chrissie Mayr (Ms. February) and Carmen Lagala (Ms. May). They said they were on board, and then I just asked around from there. Everyone has been an absolute treat to work with!

May I ask a bit about your background and you and your goals for the future?

I have a theatre degree and a pretty eclectic performance background. I was a mime and did experimental theatre, installation art and plain old acting long before I started doing standup in 2010. I’ve been pretty focused on standup since then, but still act regularly. Two recent projects are “Spacecab,” a web series I made starring myself as a intergalactic cab driver. And “The Comedienne Project” a hybrid play/standup piece I performed with Corinne Fisher (Guys We Fucked Podcast) at FringeNYC this summer.

As far as the future, I’m truly obsessed with standup, and will continue to perform every night. My deepest desire is to be a baller comic and have a Comedy Central special and a tour bus, which my mom will drive.

Right now I’m working on polishing an hour show for next year.

Follow Katie and Mindy on Twitter: @katiehannigan and @withreservation.