Angelina Jolie & Her Beautiful Brood Frolic On The Beach For Vogue’s November Issue

My birthday isn’t for another month, but my first present has already arrived! Angelina Jolie is on the cover of the upcoming issue of Vogue and her famous brood — aka my favorite celebrity children — is photographed alongside her inside the magazine! Maddox, Pax, Zahara and my beloved Shiloh, I’ve missssssed youuuuu! (I’m admittedly a little lukewarm on twins Vivienne and Knox, not gonna lie.) In the interview, Angelina talks about starring across from her husband, Brad Pitt, for the first time since “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” in next month’s “Beyond The Sea.” Jolie also directed the film, which looks like a depressing AF story about a miserable married couple, but don’t you worry — it’s all fiction.

“This is the only film I’ve done that is completely based on my own crazy mind,” Jolie told Vogue. Later, she insisted, “It’s not autobiographical. Brad and I have our issues, but if the characters’ were even remotely close to our problems we couldn’t have made the film.”

The pair shot “Beyond The Sea” on the Maltese island of Gozo shortly after their wedding last year, and brought their six children along with them for what she called their “honeymoon.” The photos in Vogue manage to beautifully recapture that idyllic family adventure. Check out a few below and the rest — as well as Angeline’s full interview — over at