“My Best Friend’s Wedding” Is Coming To TV

The first time I saw “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, the friend I was watching it with got so mad at the premise that she threw an entire box of Entenmann’s Pop’ems at the TV, one by one. “This movie makes no sense!” she screamed. “This movie is so stupid!” she yelled, as each chocolate-covered donut hole slid unceremoniously to the floor. I can’t wait to gather the donut holes and scream at my television once more, because, according to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has picked up a pilot for a “My Best Friend’s Wedding” TV show.

The plot, in case you’ve forgotten: Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney are best friends who made a vow to marry each other if they’re not wed in 10 years — at the ripe old age of twenty-fucking-seven! Dermot Mulroney gets engaged to a perky Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts realizes she loves him, and hijinks, naturally, ensue. Also, this happened.

The show will pick up where the movie left off, with Julia Roberts and her must-have accessory of the mid-2000s — Rupert Everett as her gay, white bestie — navigating good ol’ New York City. Will people in general watch this? Probably not. Will we watch this? Yes, it seems like the best kind of disaster.

The pilot is in development now, so there’s no word on an actual premiere date yet.

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