Texas State Rep. Pretty Sure Bernie Sanders, A Jewish Person, Is A Nazi

Oh man–is it me or are the Republicans going more full Godwin lately than usual?

Last week we had Ben Carson flapping his gums about how Jewish people kinda brought the Holocaust on themselves by not having guns. You know, because if the Nazis had come after Ben Carson he either would have just shot ALL OF THE NAZIS or pointed to some other guy and said “OH, he’s the one you want, not me!”

Then we had Dr. Keith Ablow, master of saying incredibly horrid things always, saying it was not only their fault for not having guns, but also their fault for getting on the trains.

That was a thing. Those were words that came out of people’s mouths.

Not to be left in the dust, Texas Represenative Jason Villalba (R-Well what else, really?) spent some time in photoshop making himself a fancy tweet essentially accusing Bernie Sanders–a Jewish person whose father’s entire family was wiped out in the Holocaust–of being a Nazi.

Are you fucking kidding me?

In response to the outcry over the tweet, Villalba told the Dallas Morning News “It’s perfectly accurate. I was in no way making a comparison to the current Democratic Party and Nazis. If they want to read it that way, then that’s their prerogative. That’s not what the intent is.”

After some pressure, he finally admitted that the Nazis were National Socialists rather than Democratic Socialists, although did not seem entirely clear on how those were two different things.

“Look, Bernie Sanders is a Democratic socialist,” He told the News, “I know that the Nazi Party was usually referred to as National Socialists.

“But the fact is this is a [Democratic] party that claims to be representative of primarily Americans and they are calling themselves Democratic socialists,” he continued. “I think that’s troubling to any person watching this debate.”

Oh Jason, no. That is only troubling to very stupid people watching this debate. The Nazis were not “Democratic Socialists.” They were very, very far from being “Democratic Socialists.” National Socialism was essentially a form of anti-Semitic fascism meant to be somewhere in between Marxism and free-market capitalism They were not, I promise you, particularly concerned about economic and social justice. Also, ideologically, they were far-right, whereas Democratic Socialists are ideologically left. A Jewish Democratic Socialist is about as far away as one can possibly get from being a Nazi. 

You see, Jason Vilallba, here is how the political spectrum works–you have Anarchists, Communists, Socialists, Democratic Socialists, Democrats from Far Left to Center Left, and then on the right, from the Center Right onwards, you have Republicans, Conservatives, Monarchists, Fascists/Nazis. So, ideologically, you are technically closer to Naziism. Much closer than Bernie Sanders is, anyway. However, unless you were to start going around doing the HH salute and talking about the purity of the Aryan race, I would not call you a Nazi. Because that is a fucked up thing to do, and a very serious accusation. 

For what it’s worth, we did not fight the Nazis because they were providing comprehensive health care to everybody. We also did not fight them because we were so very concerned about their treatment of the Jewish people. Frankly, we only fought them because we were fighting the Japanese. If you want the truth, we sent Jewish refugees who came here back to Germany! We weren’t fighting “National Socialism.” In fact, many Americans, including Prescott Bush, thought Hitler was a swell dude.

So, do me a favor and join the millions of Americans who, as of last night, decided to finally just look up Socialism in the dictionary instead of adhering to their own made-up definition of it. Go and read about World War II–because the only thing that comes close to being as sickening as suggesting that a Jewish man who lost members of his family in the Holocaust is a Nazi, is the fact that you very clearly do not even know what a Nazi even is.

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