French Court Could Create First EU Gender-Neutral Legal Identity

A French court decided this week that a 64-year-old plaintiff had the right to be legally recognized as gender-neutral. The individual, whose name has not been released, identifies as intersex (has genitalia that are neither strictly male nor strictly female), but was forced to perform a masculine identity their entire life.

The court ruling says that the person had a masculine gender “imposed upon him his entire existence without him ever being able to express his deepest feelings,” using the French gender-neutral pronoun “ile” (a merger of “il” and “elle”) and that after 64 years, they have a “right to private life.”

The state prosecutor has appealed the ruling over worries that it will set a precedent that will lead to greater demand for the recognition of a third sex. Which: The horror! Recognizing a third sex that does exist and that has always biologically existed in the human race so that people can go about their lives not having to go through having to hide who they are and feeling ashamed of the bodies they were born with? I’m scandalized. Compassion is an inconvenience for the government, don’t you know that?

If the ruling stands, France will join Australia, New Zealand, and Nepal as the only countries in the world (so far!) that allow for a legal gender-neutral identity.


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