Lena Dunham Got Another TV Show And It’s About Second-Wave Feminism

Feminism! Beyoncé loves it. Everyone’s talking about it. And now, Lena Dunham, she of the email newsletter and that TV show about bright young things in Brooklyn, is going to write and direct a half hour pilot for HBO about it, according to Variety. It’s called “Max”, and it’ll be about  “the stirrings of second-wave feminism, as seen through the eyes of an ambitious magazine writer who stumbles her way into the women’s movement.”

I’m so excited to watch and hear and listen to and feel and live Lena Dunham’s unique take on life and love and second-wave feminism, as seen through a Peggy-at-the-end-of-“Mad-Men” lens. What will she think of next? [Variety]

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