Huckabee’s #DemDebate Tweets Make Donald Trump Look (Almost) Sane

If you weren’t paying attention to Twitter during last night’s Democratic debate, shame on you, because the really great thing about debates is hearing comments from the peanut gallery. Either you get together with friends and you all talk at the TV, or you get on Twitter and you… Well, you talk at the TV. Come on, people.

But for some truly bonkers commentary, the best place to turn, of course, is to Mike Huckabee.

That’s just factually incorrect. Here’s an article on how climate change will negatively affect global food production, and here’s a federal report on how climate change is threatening critical infrastructure for the American military. Reading is FUNdamental, Huck!  

Is it, though?

Huck, if you just said, “I’m racist,” it would take way fewer tweet characters. Only 35 cops have died in the line of duty because of an intentional use of a gun, by assault, and by vehicular assault combined this year (and each death is a tragedy!). But cops have killed 902 Americans this year, and black people are twice (or more) as likely as white people or Hispanic people to be killed by police. Poof! There goes that argument.  

What does this even mean.

Ha ha ha STEREOTYPES. Shhhh, Huck. Shhhhhhhhhh. By comparison, Donald Trump’s TL looks sane. True, most of the tweets The Wig sends are retweets from people who are much more willing to be blithely offensive than he’s willing to be on the record. But as for his own tweets? Well, he was as racist as expected twice:  

That’s just not even true – Sanders mentioned the veterans repeatedly. Don was probably just powdering his nose at the time.

And of course, because the GOP candidates can’t be bothered to Wiki statistics on the mass incarceration of black males, another #AllLivesMatterGuise!!!!!!:

FACEPALM. Other than that, Trump was pretty much just saying what everyone was thinking, like:  

Agreed, Don.

I could not stop laughing at Lincoln Chafee’s face; he looked lost.  

Mainly the latter half of that one more than the former, but still.

I contend that Donald Trump’s strategy is to say horrible, ridiculous things, force the other GOP candidates to out-Trump him by saying yet more horrible, ridiculous things, and then present a public face that’s moderate to look like he’s the normal guy in the room while all the rest of the GOP candidates are extremists. It doesn’t mean he’s not crazy, it just means that he’s successfully outwitting his competition. Prove me wrong!

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