Winter Storm YOLO Might Be To Blame For Your Upcoming Winter Distress

When your pipes freeze and you have to dig your way out of a snowdrift to get to the corner store and maybe you even have to abandon your car on the freeway for a few days this upcoming winter, you may be cursing Winter Storm YOLO, thanks to The Weather Channel.

And yes, it’s that YOLO.


The Weather Channel has been naming snow storms for the past two winter seasons in an effort to get winter storms on hurricanes’ level. Bryan Norcross, a representative for The Weather Channel, points out that it’s easier to communicate accurate information about winter storms when you can name them, and “Good communication benefits everyone.” Fair enough, Norcross, fair enough.

The thing is, The Weather Channel lets a Latin class from a high school in Montana choose the names. There are 26 contenders this year that vacillate between Latin words, classic names, names of what I assume are their classmates, what I assume is a Twilight reference (Bella, gag me), and then stupid high schooler stuff like YOLO. The Weather Channel justifies it as shorthand for the same sentiment as “carpe diem,” but at some point you have to just give in and admit that you’re just having fun.

The full list of possible winter storm names is:

  • Ajax
  • Bella
  • Cara
  • Delphi
  • Echo
  • Ferus
  • Goliath
  • Hera
  • Ilias
  • Jonas
  • Kayla
  • Lexi
  • Mars
  • Nacio
  • Olympia
  • Petrus
  • Quo
  • Regis
  • Selene
  • Troy
  • Ursula
  • Vexo
  • Waylon
  • Xenos
  • YOLO
  • Zandor

YOLO! YOLO! YOLO! Winter sucks, we have to take the fun where we can.

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