Vaginas Come In All Sorts — Now, So Do Vagina Emojis

Yesterday, the Unicode Consortium in California (whut) revealed the 67 new emoji that will be made available to smartphone holders next year — including even more phallic vegetables to supplement the tired eggplant in your sexts. Meanwhile, there are still no decent options for talking about vaginas in emoji — we still don’t even have that damn taco Apple promised! And frankly, given the plethora of dick stand-ins that will be available when the new emojis are released next year, a single taco emoji would hardly be satisfactory, especially when you consider just how varied vaginas can be. Personally, I think my vagina looks more like a wilted snap dragon than a taco.

That’s where Flirtmoji comes in! We’ve already told you about the company’s array of sexual icons, which you can copy and paste as text on your smartphone, but they’ve now added not one, not two, but 15 vagina icons. The options are diverse in color, hairiness, pubic hair styling, and plumpness, so there’s a vagina icon for everyone, from the long labia-ed to the full-bushed. Interested? Sign up for an account on Flirtmoji’s website and you’ll score 20 free icons to play with. [Flirtmoji via Bustle]