Religious Conservatives Believe There’s A “War On Halloween,” Somehow

In case you haven’t heard, there’s not just a “war on Christmas” now – there’s also a “war on Halloween.” Good lord.

In Milford, Connecticut, a mere hour’s drive from the center of America’s original witch trials in Hartford, parents have become incensed over the school district’s decision to cancel the annual Halloween parade in favor of having an after-school costume party. The decision was meant to accommodate those students whose families’ religious and cultural beliefs would exclude them from the parade, which takes place during the school day.

A petition went up almost immediately, reading:

“Growing up in America there are certain traditions and celebrations we have become accustomed to celebrating at home and during school! Saying the pledge of allegiance, Halloween parades, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations, New years, Valentines day parties and dances and Easter. These are our American customs and traditions and we should not have to give them up because others find them offensive! […] I’m so tired on my kids missing out on some of the things we all got to do as children and are some of the greatest childhood memories I have due to others saying they find it offensive. I say embrace our culture and we will try to embrace yours or keep your child home.”

And, this, of course, is where commenters started addressing an anonymous “you” about how their children should be able to wear Halloween costumes if “your” kids get to wear “barkas,” by which I assume “burqas” is meant. Ah yes, of course. Of course this is about a community’s projected Islamophobia. And of course the petitioners are going to equate religious, cultural headwear with real and very important significance to the people who elect to wear it every day to an Iron Man costume that their kid wears once a year.

I’m befuddled by the comparison of Halloween with Christmas, Easter, and Hanukkah, being that the last time I heard a religious conservative express a strong opinion about Halloween, it was in opposition to Halloween for being a celebration of witchcraft. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to catch up with what it is exactly that religious conservatives want.

In any event, the school district caved and the parade is back, mainly because these parents are a headache and it wasn’t worth the trouble, apparently. Hooray for America, I guess?

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