Relax: Bedazzled Bridal Selfie Sticks Are Not The End Of Humanity

Hey, do you like looking at pictures of yourself? It’s okay to say yes. This is a safe space. Do you spend maybe five to 10¬†minutes taking selfies before you go out? Have you come to a state of acceptance with the way that your face looks, through extensive study of that face, viewed through the lens of your front-facing camera? If the answer is even a “eh, maybe” to any of these questions, then the bedazzled selfie stick Reem Acra sent down the runway at Bridal Fashion Week won’t upset you. There’s no reason it should! It’s a joke! It’s fashion.

From what I can tell, your wedding day is either the most important or most stressful day of your life. Oftentimes, it is both. But it is also the day where a shitload of people spend time and energy making your hair do things it doesn’t normally do. If the people you paid to beat your face did a good job, you look like the best version of yourself. So, even though Reem Acra probably sent this selfie stick down the runway — with matching headphones, natch — to comment on the self-involvement of the millennial or whatever, who gives a shit if brides actually purchase it?

Selfies are not the downfall of a generation. Take pictures of yourself on your wedding day, because you have no shame in caring about #1, because you look good as hell, because you deserve it. Fuck the haters. Do you. [h/t Jezebel]

Image via Getty