Qdoba’s Imaginary Friend, Jennifer Lawrence, Will Supposedly Help Them Sell More Burritos

Qdoba, the burrito place that you go to when you can’t find a Chipotle but really need a burrito fix, is doing its best to get an edge on the competition – by getting their imaginary famous friend to help them out. Her name is “Quintessa,” a cool girl — like Jennifer Lawrence-inspired cool — described as “Badass without trying. Sophisticated, yet approachable and successful.” And, according to Fast Company, she’s going to help Qdoba conquer the fast food burrito market.

David Craven, the VP of brand marketing at Qdoba, has grand plans to reconfigure everything about the chain, from “store architecture, to the branding, to the menu, to how employees talk to customers,” to align with this fictional character’s ideas, opinions and sensibilities, in hopes of standing apart from Chipotle. Everything about the chain’s decor, including the bathrooms — luchador locker room-inspired for the dudes, “Quintessa’s powder room” for the ladiez — will be redesigned, all with the intention of luring in their core demographic, 18-24 year old men. If you build it — the perfect, aloof, beer-drinking, burping Amy from “Gone Girl,” but even MORE imaginary — they will come, I guess.

Is any of this Quintessa-approved? Does she like tacos? Will she eat a burrito? What if she’s actually a Chipotle-stan? What if she secretly hates fast-casual-Mexican food? I guess we’ll have to find out.

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