Frisky Rant: This #NoBraDay Breast Cancer Awareness Thing Seems Like Some Bullshit

As you may already be “aware,” today is #NoBraDay — a day in which many women are apparently going without bras and/or tweeting pictures of themselves not wearing bras in order to raise “awareness” for breast cancer.

I must confess, I am a tad skeptical here.

Now, obviously, I don’t not care about breast cancer. Several women in my family have had it, and I am all for getting mammograms and self-testing and all of that. I am in favor of raising money for breast cancer charities — as long as they’re legit charities where the money is actually going to research.

But this #NoBraDay thing? This seems like some bullshit. I am not clear at all on how not wearing a bra increases “awareness” or what it is actually supposed to accomplish. What is the end goal here? Like what? You’re going to be walking down the street, run into some rich person, and then that rich person asks, “Oh, hey Susan, why aren’t you wearing a bra today?” and then you explain, “OH! I am doing it to raise awareness for breast cancer!” and the rich person says, “Breast cancer!?! Who knew of such a thing? Here! Let me write a check! And then also get a mammogram myself!”

When you’re organizing for an actual cause, you need to have an actual goal in mind. As silly as some people thought it was, that was the reason the Ice Bucket Challenge was successful, and why it made sense. It raised $115 million for ALS research, and that is really very admirable. It was also sponsored by the ALS Association, whereas, as far as I can tell, #NoBraDay is sponsored only by a random Facebook page with one post on it from a year ago.

This reminds me of that weird thing from a few years ago where women were supposed to post their bra color on their Facebook pages BUT NOT TELL ANYONE WHY, in order to raise “awareness” for breast cancer. #NoBraDay makes about as much sense as that did, which is exactly none.

I get that people like to feel like they are participating in a good cause. But if you are going to participate in a cause, please participate in one that makes some amount of sense and actually has a point of some kind other than getting to “virtuously” post pictures of your headlights on social media.

If you want to post pictures of your boobs on social media, or not wear a bra, that is obviously fine. By all means, go and do! Knock yourself out! I just don’t think you need to do it for “breast cancer awareness.” Breast cancer doesn’t need to be sexy in order to be a thing worth caring about. It is important enough on its own.

On that note, if you would actually like to do something, feel free to donate some money to the Breast Cancer Action Network, which does a lot of good and which I happen to appreciate because they don’t do any of that pinkwashing bullshit.