Here’s A Scarf That’s Shaped Like A Sweater, Because Fashion Is Sometimes Horrible

Here is something you never thought you needed, and honestly, probably don’t: a sweater cape scarf. It’s drapes over your shoulders like a cape, ties around your neck like a scarf and yet LOOKS like a sweater. It has arms, like a sweater. It’s shaped like a sweater. It looks like a sweater. But it’s not a sweater! It’s a cape. It’s a scarf. It’s a cape scarf masquerading as a sweater that you cannot actually slide over your head like a sweater, because there is no hole. It is a $57 joke, an item meant to replicate the look of tossing a sweater rakishly over your shoulders, as if you were dashing from the car to the liquor store to pick up a few bottles of gin and some port for Grandma Shirley who won’t have it any other way, really.

If you want to wear a sweater over your shoulders, wear a sweater. Don’t buy this thing. Thank you in advance. [Refinery29]