Drunk UConn Student Luke Gatti “Apologizes” For Mac N Cheese Assault

My instinct is always to try to see the good in people, to give them the benefit of the doubt and to trust that they’re being sincere — unless they’ve given me a reason to think otherwise. In this case, Luke Gatti’s very, very poor acting skills are the reason I don’t trust that he’s being sincere in his “apology” for the drunken assault he made on a restaurant manager who refused to serve him mac n cheese. The confrontation/assault was filmed by a bystander and the video went viral last week, resulting in Luke’s arrest and likely-but-still-unconfirmed expulsion. It is so so so pathetic how incapable Luke is at even feigning sincere regret, likely because he has never actually felt such an emotion and therefore doesn’t know how to perform it in a manner that doesn’t ring totally hollow. Mark my works, this little shit has learned nothing. [YouTube]