Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Are Having A Baby!

Awww, I am genuinely excited for my imaginary best friend Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend, who announced that they are expecting a baby! These two are adorable and seem genuinely in love and I’m delighted to hear that after struggling for a minute to conceive, they’re finally expanding their family. [Just Jared]

Are Cara Delevigne and St. Vincent engaged? Are they even dating? How did I not know this? [OMG Blog]

Julianne Moore has started a gun safety campaign in response to the rise in mass shootings in the United States and the government’s complete refusal to do a damn thing about it. “I’ve got to do something,” she told People. “This is the one thing that I need to say something about. This is my responsibility as a parent.” [People]

LOL, Calvin Harris is so pissed off that various media outlets are reporting that Taylor Swift dumped him for getting a happy ending at a Thai massage parlor. He tweeted this yesterday:

Okay, Calvin. You can direct all suit threats to [email protected] [Twitter]

HAHAHA, Vin Diesel said he felt “body-shamed” by commenters who said he has a dad bod. [Dlisted]

God, celebs are just cracking me up today. Johnny Depp has seemingly realized that his cartoonish approach to every goddamn role ever (at least since he stopped taking on roles that require nuance and subtlety) is not going to win him any award because he’s now trying to act like awards are bullshit and he doesn’t want them. So don’t even bother, Oscar! “I don’t want to win one of those things ever, you know?” he told the BBC. That shouldn’t be a problem, Johnny. [People]