This YouTube Prankster Can’t Stop Pretending To Kill His Son

Roman Atwood’s girlfriend either has the worst memory, the worst sense of humor or both. Brittany Smith is the better half to a man whose favorite prank is pretending to murder their son, Kane. This week, Atwood staged an elaborate prank where he appears to blow up their little three-year-old boy.

Smith, who reacted to this “joke” with tears, really should not be a stranger to her partner’s misguided sense of humor. The last time he publicly pretended to kill their son was less than a year ago. That video received over 34 million hits, so naturally it made sense to try to recreate its success while raising the stakes.

Despite Smith’s emotional reaction to both incidents, it’s hard to believe that she’s not in on it at least a little bit. In the behind-the-scenes takes she is more mad about being duped than disturbed about her son’s life being used as the punchline to a joke. Maybe that’s because Smith is a bit of an internet personality herself. Atwood and Smith are basically the Sam and Nia of bad pranks, which are popular enough that his net worth is estimated at $3.5 million.

Atwood breaks up his prank life and personal life into two very public channels, RomanAtwood and RomanAtwoodVlogs. The latter is where he discusses his fight to put his older son (from a previous marriage) on YouTube, with the hashtag campaign to #BringBackNoah. This sparked fan video spin-offs which kind of make it look like Noah died too. I’m with #TeamNoahsMom.

If pretending to kill kids isn’t your thing, Atwood and Smith seem to have something to offend everyone. From flashing children, to trying to reproduce again, this duo can totally tell the difference between good and bad attention. It’s just too profitable for them to care.