If You Love Champagne But Can’t Drink It Fast Enough, The Chambong Is For You

Champagne is a symbol of both celebration and status, and that can be a little alienating until you drink more of it and realize it’s just delicious fizzy wine. Thanks to the invention of the Chambong – a champagne bong, duh – bubbly is officially a beverage for anyone and everyone of age. The Chambong puts the assy back in classy and we couldn’t be happier about it.

According to the website, the inspiration for the Chambong was somewhat related to the original. Prior to the 2014 Super Bowl, the party-hardy inventors attempted to makea device that could hold an extraordinary amount of cannabis — aka a “Super … Bowl.” Like many stoner ideas, the “Super … Bowl” didn’t work out as planned, but an even better idea formed, and before long, the bong we never knew we needed was born.


The team of “artists, dancers, drinkers glass blowers, businessmen, scientists and friends” behind the Chambong have seen almost immediately success with the champagne shooter. After putting 3,000 units on the market, they have sold out in just a month. “Oh kale yeah” is right.

The people have spoken and we support the pursuit of “party science,” in all forms. The Chambong is no exception.