Anne Hathaway Is A Monster, Sent Her Eggs Back FOUR Times

Anne Hathaway seems to have a perky, sunny, musical theater-esque personality, but underneath that smiley veneer is a fussy bitch. Recently, while Anne was on the Paramount lot filming a Japanese commercial, she took issue with the caterer’s preparation of her breakfast, complaining that the eggs were not cooked to her liking. So she sent them back to be remade. FOUR. TIMES. An egg-hausted craft services worker, I assume, leaked the details to TMZ, who provided this brief timeline of Anne’s qualms:

1st try: Poached egg too runny.

2nd try: English muffin was cold because it sat while egg #2 was being poached.

3rd try: Egg #2 cold because it sat while chef toasted muffin #2.

4th try: Egg, muffin and avocado were perfect, but it took so long she decided she was in the mood for a fried egg.

Who complains that a poached egg is too runny? It’s supposed to be runny! [TMZ]

Raven-Symoné, who has a bird, a hyphen, a random Y, and a silent accent in her name, must have realized it is utterly insane for her to say she would discriminate against employing people with “ghetto” names, because she’s apologizing and admitting her words were “in poor taste.” [People]

Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargile, who is the actress’s near constant companion and unconfirmed girlfriend, have apparently ended their supposed relationship. Stewart apparently doesn’t want anything serious because she’s busy and Alicia is tired of being treated like her carry-on luggage. [Radar]

Dentist Walter Palmer will NOT be prosecuted for illegally killing Cecil the Lion. [People]

Donald Trump may genuinely be a fan of Aerosmith, but the band still does not want him using their song “Dream On” to promote his campaign. [Jezebel]

Uhh apparently there are rumors that former “Bachelor” Chris Soules and fellow “Dancing With the Stars” D-lister Rumer Willis are dating? But she says they’re just friends. [Page Six]

Ummmm, did Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber hook up this weekend? They were spotted leaving a club together just days after his naked pics hit the internet, which explains something I would otherwise not be able to explain. [Dlisted]

Late Friday night, Kanye West had an adorably angry dad moment on Twitter, ranting about the insane number of in-app purchases that are offered while daughter North is playing games on the iPad. This is probably the most relatable Kanye has ever been TBH:

This weekend, it came to light that Chad The Squirrel has been using his access to shelled peanuts to woo female squirrels into coming back to his hidey hole. But, as is so typical for a dude, he is selfish and was spotted eating all of the peanuts himself. 

So Chad has moved in some lady squirrel and yet he did not save any peanuts for her. Typical. #chadthesquirrel

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