15 Confederate Flag Dopes Indicted On Terrorism Charges For Crashing Black Child’s Birthday Party

Given that today is an incredibly uncomfortable holiday meant to celebrate a godawful monster whose favorite extra-curricular activities were genocide and rape–I think we could all use a dose of “Oh hey, maybe there is some justice in this world after all!”

It brings me great joy to announce that the 15 Confederate flag enthusiasts who terrorized a black child’s birthday party this summer–members of an organization called “Respect The Flag”–were indicted this week for violating Georgia’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act.

The ever-so-charming “patriots” had driven around Douglasville, Georgia, into a predominantly black area waving their flags and screaming racial slurs at people before happening upon a child’s birthday party and screaming “kill y’all ni**ers.” The situation, unsurprisingly, erupted into violence which partygoers say was started entirely by the “Respect The Flag” group.

They also reportedly harassed and physically assaulted other people in the park that day.

I am hoping that these people go to jail. It would amuse me greatly. I hope they get charged with terrorism because that is the literal definition of what they were doing. I am also very curious to see how they will be defended by talking heads on Fox News, and by the “B-b-b-b-but the Confederate flag isn’t racist!” folks. Because, boy, that should be interesting.

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