Sorry, Coming Out As Christian Is Not The Same As Coming Out As Gay

Buzzfeed contributor Katherine Myers wrote a personal essay that probably didn’t need to be written.

My response will be small, it will just be to tell you to STFU because being Christian in a “non-religious” area like the educated Northeast elite is NOT the same as coming out as gay anywhere else. No one has been killing Christians for being Christian in 2015 Washington D.C. brunch circles last time I checked. Also maybe they’re not “godless” they are just not all Christian? Calm the fuck down.

In the expensively educated, ambitiously employed, liberal urban circles I’ve run in since graduating from prep school outside Washington, D.C., coming out as a Christian feels more fraught than coming out as gay. Non-straight sexual identity is assumed, accepted, or embraced. We’ve moved on, cheers. But genuine religious belief? Who does that?

Hey Katherine. You’re right. No one cares at all.