Mom Ties Children To Chairs, Forces Them To Watch ‘Mommie Dearest’

28 year old Nebraska woman Mary Lucas, has been coined “The Meanest Mommy” by her children, and for good reason!

The woman allegedly forced her two sons to watch the classic Joan Crawford biopic Mommy Dearest while they were duct-taped to chairs. Lucas stated that her mother forced her to watch the film when she was four years old. Ah, passing down child abuse generation to generation. :-/

Mary Lucas claims that she actually wasn’t even there for the film viewing however, and that instead, she made her boyfriend Glenn Oliver supervise the kids (after duct taping them) during their movie night.

The kids call him “Daddy Glenn” by the way.

Lucas has been charged with child abuse for endangering them by letting a man duct-tape them to a chair, and for allegedly depriving them of food. What not even popcorn? Come on!