Watch Abbi And Ilana From “Broad City” DIY A Spa Day

We know you’ve been biding your time until the next season of “Broad City” hits your airwaves, and Abbi and Ilana, those kind, sweet gals, are sensitive to your plight. That’s why they’ve made you the best present YouTube can provide: “Hack Into Broad City,” a weekly web series that will scratch the stoner-best-friend itch until the next season begins. Here is this week’s episode, in which Abbi and Ilana FaceTime while enduring a variety of at-home spa rituals, including asshole depilatory treatments and face masks.

There are more, if you want!

Here’s one about cereal, making songs up about the food you’re about to eat, and weed:

Here’s a good one about drum circles.

Go forth! Check them all out. Entertain yourselves. You deserve it.

[h/t The Cut]