This Week In Accidental Vaginas: Rugby Pizzas!

“Pussy pizza” partially begins to describe what happened to the British supermarket chain Morrisons recently. In an innocent celebration of the World Rugby Cup, the grocery store put pepperoni vaginas rugby balls on their pizzas. This may have made them more or less tasty depending on what you’re into.

This suggestively topped pizzas have been available since as early as September, but the blunder gained attention this week after a woman named Laura Edwards posted a picture on Facebook.  She told the Telegraph that she “felt like a bit of a weirdo taking a photo of a vagina pizza but I know it would give people a laugh if I put it on the Internet.”

Whether or not the vaguely vaginal pepperoni rugby balls were a complete oversight, we’ve got to hand it to Morrisons for making pussies out of a tubed pork product typically reserved for penis references. If their mission was to sell pizzas and get people horny for rugby, well then, mission accomplished. [The Telegraph]