Does This Deceased ISIS Member Look Like Drake?

As resident chronicler of Drake’s love life, swoleness and musical whereabouts, I like to be kept abreast of the latest movings and shakings in his orbit. He’s a handsome man. He’s a talented man. He’s also a man that, apparently, looks like deceased ISIS member Abu Bilal al-Maghrib, as pointed out by a large swath of Twitter.

For your reference, here’s the ISIS member in question. As reported by Buzzfeed, he was a suicide bomber, who along with Abu Talha al-Pakistani, died sometime last year.

Here’s the Twitter user @SayWallah, who noted that al-Maghrib looks like Drake.

Here’s a picture of Drake, losing morose at Wimbledon.

Celebrities At Wimbledon 2015

Here’s Twitter, who got jokes.

Hmm. Maybe this ISIS member looks like Drake. If you squint, and hold the computer either very close or very far away from your face, he looks like Drake. Our staff, for what it’s worth, is not entirely convinced. Because I am nothing if not an eternal optimist(LOL) who wants to believe that somewhere out there, Drake’s doppelganger-ish is walking around, I’ll take it.

Does the ISIS member look like Drake? Has anyone checked in with Drake? Do you think this ISIS member looks like Drake? Any help in this matter would be appreciated.