Diane Keaton’s Wine Is Meant To Be Served Over Ice, As Nature Intended

Diane Keaton, your kooky aunt who lives in Sedona and smokes weed on her back porch after your uncle’s gone to bed, has made her own wine. It’s called The Keaton and it’s meant to be served over ice, because Diane Keaton and I have the same ideas about how wine should be consumed — chilled, thanks.

Do you think that’s gross? Chilled wine? I assure you, it is not. Besides, look how much fun Diane Keaton has when she drinks it on this 2013 episode of  “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

White wine over ice with a dash of seltzer, swirled in a pint glass you stole from the bar next door and enjoyed while sitting on your fire escape, is a lovely way to spend an evening. And if mixing shitty red wine with a Coke and pouring it over ice is wrong, I’ve been wrong for quite some time now. Who cares! It’s wine!

For added convenience and because Keaton is clearly speaking to me, the wine is twist-off. “It’s not fancy,” she tells People. “But neither am I.”

God bless this treasured angel. Drink some iced wine in her honor today.