Bristol Palin Aghast, Claims The Government Is Doling Out IUDs To 10-Year Olds

Former teen mom Bristol Palin is super mad! She is simply shocked and appalled to “learn” that the state of Washington is just straight up doling out IUDs to 10-year-olds left and right, for free, and without parental consent!

And you betcha she’s bloggin’ about it!

Do you remember what it was like to be a 10 year old? I remember being an unabashed tomboy concerned with playing outside and acing 5th grade.

But life isn’t so innocent and carefree for some 10 years old in Washington State. This summer a report came out claiming that some schools in Washington were giving free birth control implants to children as young as 10 years old! These birth control devices are implanted in a girl’s uterus, and all of this can be done without a parent’s consent!

It is crazy that the government is offering a controversial form of birth control that can have serious life-long side effects to 10-year-old CHILDREN, but then to do all of this behind a parent’s back is simply outrageous!

First of all! Uh, you know what Bristol Palin was doing behind her parents’ backs? She was banging Levi Johnston! Yet she wasn’t responsible enough, somehow, to also go behind their backs and get some birth control. That, apparently, was taking things a bit too far.

Second, the study she cites somehow doesn’t have enough data on the 10-year-olds who may have had the device implanted, but does say that “four 11-year-olds got birth control from the state during the 2 ½- year period and so did more than 100 girls between the ages of 12 and 13. The numbers go up as the girls get older with 364 girls age 14 getting the implants and 744 15-year-olds. The records show that 2,336 girls ages 16 to 17 were given implants during this period.”

I am actually not bothered by this. At all. The study does not appear to suggest that there is any kind of rampant issue with 10-year-olds getting IUDs in droves. But you know what? I actually did know kids who were having sex when I was 11. By the time I got to 12, 13 and 14 I knew a lot more, including a few who did get pregnant. And I lived in a really, really small town.

As much as I certainly do not think it is a fabulous idea for middle schoolers to go around having sex, I’m gonna say that if they’re going to I would much prefer that they use birth control! And given the fact that an IUD isn’t something they can screw up, that actually seems like a far better option. If the government is providing it? That’s pretty great because where else are they gonna get the money otherwise?

Anyone who thinks “parental consent” is a thing that should be required for teenagers to get birth control must not remember being a teenager somehow. It is hardly as though a teenager is going to be told “You need parental consent for this” and go “OH, cool, then I will just not have sex.”

I mean, that’s certainly not what Bristol Palin did.

No, a teenager who wants to have sex and can’t get access to birth control will just go have sex without birth control. Duh. I barely had a single date when I was a teenager and even I can tell you that! And, by the way, I was actually on birth control the whole damn time because I had really bad cramps!

Now, Bristol, I could easily say, “Do you remember what it’s like to be 17 years old?” and go on about my own not-exactly-carefree-but-definitely-not-pregnant senior year of high school, couldn’t I?

But I wouldn’t! Because I am not a garbage person.

I honestly just wish Bristol had access to birth control at that time, or had parents that would have prefered she take birth control if she was going to have sex rather than parents who thought keeping that away from her would somehow keep her all pure or whatever. Because as much as she must love her son(s) now, I’m sure that it had to really suck and feel really scary to be a pregnant teen, and I’m truly sorry that it happened to her. I’m sorry that it happens to any young woman, which is why I will always support young women getting whatever birth control they need.

Clearly, parents telling teenagers to just not have sex, and not giving teenagers access to birth control, does not prevent them from either having sex or getting pregnant. As — once again — perfectly exemplified by Bristol Palin herself.

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