Bill Cosby Will Testify In Court About Rape Accusations Today

Bill Cosby will finally testify in court today to address Judith Huth’s accusations of molestation when she was 15 years old. Cosby’s lawyers have tried their darnedest to stop this case from moving forward, claiming that Huth’s former lawyer committed procedural violations by naming Cosby instead of calling him “John Doe,” attracting the attention of the news media and providing an opportunity for Cosby’s other victims to speak out about their assaults.

Judge Craig D. Karlan ruled on Wednesday, however, that Huth did not have to pay the $45,000 in sanctions that Cosby’s lawyers appealed for, and that Cosby would have to testify in court today. The deposition will be sealed for 60 days — until December 22 — in order to strike a balance between public interest and making sure that Cosby gets a fair trial.

Huth’s new lawyer, civil rights attorney Gloria Allred, is pleased with Judge Karlan’s decision: “We’re very happy about the sanctions decision by the court because that could have ended the case but it did not. We’re moving forward.”

When the deposition from a 2006 case filed against Cosby by Andrea Constandt was leaked in July, it was revealed that Cosby had admitted to buying Quaaludes to use to drug women he wanted to have sex with. What the upcoming deposition will reveal, we’ll find out in December.


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