When This Lady Kicked Her Abusive Husband Out, That Asshole Just Moved Into The Front Yard

There’s something very satisfying about throwing a man out when he has it coming. It’s a power move that indicates the conflict is over and he’s lost. Iconic movie scenes are built around this moment! And judging by the account given by his son, Sharafat Khan totally deserved to be kicked to the curb by his wife six months ago.

In a Facebook comment originally cited by The Chronicle, Khan’s son Zain claimed that his father has emotionally, physically and financially abused his mother Shahnaz for years. In March, she finally had enough and threw Khan out – but unfortunately, he didn’t go very far. This giant abusive man baby has been camped out in the yard of their million dollar Seabrook, Texas, home ever since.

While Khan’s physician wife has changed the locks to the house, she refuses to file for divorce, citing religious reasons. Her resistance to legally splitting is the excuse he’s using for camping out on the property, but she’s still standing her ground. She’s even posted a sign asking neighbors not to feed the animal. “If you want to feed him, take him to your house,” the sign reads. “If you want to, you can keep him at your house. Thanks for your sympathy, but do not bring anything on this property.”

We’ve gotta side with Shahnaz on this one. His absurd refusal to leave the lawn is mostly a tactic to make his wife look bad while gaining sympathy and attention for himself. “People will know, the neighbors and everything else,” he huffed and puffed to KHOU News. “People will ask her, put her down. Let her know what you’re doing to your husband.”

Khan might end up being successful in this particular battle, but with multiple restraining orders pending, his estranged wife will hopefully win the war. Until then, we’d like to suggest a few more signs:

a canadian no dogs allowed sign - Imgur
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My local gas station's signs have made the front page before, and I think the owners are getting bolder. - Imgur
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Kudos to Twistee Treat for these handicap signs. - Imgur
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Westboro church protesting the NBA in Oklahoma City. We can make signs also  ) - Imgur
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