Sad Trombone: No One Wants To Buy Farrah Abraham’s DNA For Some Reason

In a shocking turn of events, Farrah Abraham has been fired from her job (?) selling pendants with her DNA in them for a company called Celebrity Gene, because literally no one bought one of those pendants. Oh! Also because they said that she spent too much time selling sex toys and molds of her vagina and butt, and terrifying blow up dolls of herself, and not enough time selling her DNA necklaces for charity. The company wrote her a letter, obtained by TMZ, specifically stating that “[you]would much rather talk about your female body parts in order to generate more profits for yourself.”

The goal of Celebrity Gene is to raise awareness about how helpful DNA can be for finding cures for various diseases, as well as identifying what medical problems one may be at risk for. Farrah teamed up with them this past June, with the intention of selling the pendants for $99.99, with 90 percent of the proceeds going to Operation Underground Railroad, and 10 percent going to her.

farrah abraham dna pendant

Farrah, as you might imagine, is not pleased with this dismissal, or the reasoning behind it — so Farrah is suing the company for defamation of character.

In her defense, by the way, I feel like I need to point out that Farrah has been selling sex toys and molds of her vagina and butt for quite some time now. Like, did Celebrity Gene not know who Farrah Abraham was before this? Did they not know how to Google? I mean, I think it’s fine enough to for them to be like “Hey lady, your DNA pendants are not selling, so we’re not going to sell them anymore and try selling someone else’s DNA instead” without going into detail about their issues with her side business.

Now, I realize that after reading this, you were probably immediately struck with a deep sense of regret, fearing that you may never get to own a necklace with Farrah Abraham’s DNA in it — but don’t despair! The item you will likely treasure for years to come is still on sale — and now for only $49.99!

But if that doesn’t do it for you, apparently you can also buy Al Capone’s DNA for $399, or Geronimo’s DNA for $299. How they got this DNA, we are not asking.

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