Netflix And Chill Condoms Will Get Your Message Across, Loud And Clear

By now, you’re exceedingly aware of the fact that “Netflix and chill” is the teen euphemism for sex. You’ve seen it on Twitter. You’ve seen it on Facebook. You have possibly been the recipient of a right swipe from some dude on Tinder who has it in his profile. Like any other linguistic trend, we’re on the precipice of its demise. Your parents might have texted you about it, and there’s a chance that in a sweatshop somewhere far away, millions of T-shirts with the Netflix logo and this phrase are being produced right now, ready to stock the shelves at Urban Outfitters. Before you shuffle this phrase off to the corner of your mind where “on fleek” lives, please consider the latest — and hopefully last — horse in this race: the Netflix and Chill condom.

As per enterprising University of Texas senior Yousef Okasheh, the Netflix and Chill condom is the one thing you need to really, really get your point across. From the website:

The NF and chill condom is exactly the tool you need, at precisely the moment when you need it…When you’re NF and chillin bre. I mean just look at this fkin condom m8, guaranteed if you whip one of these honeys out and you’re actually at a netflix and chill outing with your partner, you’re gonna get laid. With a functional 3D-printed steel frame and a built-in cable lock and lighting, the NF and Chill condom is the only condom you’ll need to be a douchebag millenial.

Fusion got a hold of this young upstart, who said, “I just think it would be infinitely hilarious if you literally Netflix and Chill with your girl and whip that out.” He’s not wrong! The condoms are $12 for a pack of three, which seems steep. But, take into consideration the fact that you’ll be holding a piece of internet history, a meme come to life, a tiny sliver of the zeitgeist, tangible and smelling faintly of latex. That’s worth it.


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Image via Imgur