Idaho Teen Threatened Mass Shooting Because Cheerleaders Wouldn’t Send Him Nudes

A 15-year-old Idaho boy is in police custody after having made online threats about his plans to “kill all the girls” at his school because he was mad that the cheerleaders would not “send him nudes.”

The school was immediately placed under lockdown after a frightening conversation the student had with a friend on Twitter began being circulated on social media Tuesday night. The conversation detailed his plan to enter the school with two guns, hunting knives, and essentially go through the school murdering girls before finally killing himself.


Isaac Gomez, a student at the school told reporters that the student in question was “Some kid who was having attention problems with specifically the cheerleaders, didn’t get nudes. He was asking for some inappropriate things.”

The student is being charged with one count of threatening violence at a school and another count of telephone harassment.

Although police have yet to discover whether or not he actually had the guns and knives, Idaho law does prohibit children under the age of 18 from owning handguns like a 9mm pistol–so if he does have one there could be an additional charge. Unfortunately, Idaho’s extremely lax Child Access Prevention laws only apply to foster homes and residential facilities, so his parents could not be charged additionally if they did actually allow him access to the gun.

One hopes that he will get the treatment he needs–far away from guns and knives–and taught by someone, anyone, that women are not actually required to send him nude pictures of themselves.

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