Watch Westboro Baptist Get Run Right Out Of Town By Some Teenagers

It’s no surprise that the Westboro Baptist Church showed up in Kansas City, Missouri, after the kids at Oak Park High School elected openly transgender student Landon Patterson as their homecoming queen. Why? Because they’re awful, miserable people who can’t let anyone be happy about anything, ever–and quite frankly, have nothing else going on in their lives.

BUT, when they did show up, they were in for a surprise–because the students and members of the community were there waiting for them.

After hearing that they planned to protest, Pastor Aaron Roberts of the Colonial Church in Prairie Village decided to organize a “Wall of Love” counter protest.

“One of our members saw the Westboro flier and messaged me on Facebook hoping that there was some kind of plan for a human wall against that hate. No child – no person – should have that kind of cruel hate leveled at them, and it’s particularly irksome to me that it is done in the name of ‘church.’”

The 25 Colonial Church members who came to protest were soon joined by over 200 students from Oak Park High School–and by the time the WBC showed up, the “Wall of Love” was so strong that they couldn’t even make it out of their minivan. The students and protesters then chanted “Long Live The Queen!” as they followed the minivan out of town until the Westboro Baptist Church left for good.

I kinda doubt they’ll be coming back any time soon.

[The New Civil Rights Movement]