The Man With The 80lb Scrotum Can Finally Bone His Wife Again

Meet Dan Maurer. He’s a 40-year-old married man who, according to this video, has an 80 lb. scrotum that was finally removed from his body, a procedure that was documented in great, loving detail on a TLC special that aired last night.

Maurer’s scrotum issues were the result of scrotal lymphedema. His scrotum had started to increase in size and mass over the years, and after attempting to lose weight as per the recommendation of his doctors, the thing took on a life of its own, interjecting itself into conversations and generally being a horrifying nuisance that Maurer was unable to control. Here’s a picture of the scrotum, wrapped, in a failed attempt to shrink it.


After Maurer raised enough money to pay for the ludicrously expensive surgery, doctors cut into the thing and removed over 150 pounds of fat. They also “hope[d] to find his penis and testicles buried inside the lymphedema,” and boy howdy, they did. Once the thing was removed and off his body forever, Maurer, his wife Mindy and his genitals got a new lease on life. Congrats! Surprise your wife! Take her on a date. Romance the shit out of her. If you survived years of your life with an ever-growing ball sack that you had zero control over, you deserve it. [h/t Cosmopolitan]