“Said To Lady Journos” Highlights The Really Chill Sexism In Media

If you’ve decided to make your livelihood as a journalist and you’re a woman, more often than not you will find that you’re the only one in a room. As a result of this unique and frustrating position, dudes who surround you will find various ways to ask you things that seem innocent but are actually insulting, terrible and demeaning. You’d think that people are…kinda done with this by now. It’s 2015, we’ve been able to vote for a while and lord knows that women have been in the industry — and succeeding, mind you — for quite some time. But sexism is like herpes: you can try and suppress it, but it will never  ever go away for good. It’s here for life.

Enter the Tumblr “Said to Lady Journos”, an anonymous, crowd-sourced collection of the shittiest things women in journalism have heard from men. The submissions range from the benign-ish to the truly outlandish, but all of them are a galling display of the bumbling sexism and general ineptitude that exists out in this world. Here are a few gems.

Cool stuff! Really chill. Men, keep up the good work.