Michigan Woman Opens Fire On Shoplifters At Home Depot, Because That’s Appropriate

A 47-year-old Michigan woman may face charges after opening fire on two alleged shoplifters in at a Home Depot on Tuesday.

The woman, who had a concealed carry permit, had been sitting in the store’s parking lot when she saw loss prevention officers attempting to stop two suspected shoplifters. When they jumped into their SUV and started to get away, she pulled out a 9mm handgun and began firing at it. At least one bullet hit the car, one hit a tire, and it’s not known if either of the two men were injured.

Luckily, no one in the parking lot was hurt by a stray bullet.

Police haven’t decided whether or not they want to charge her, but I think I can fairly say that opening fire in a parking lot is objectively worse than stealing a screwdriver from Home Depot or whatever. Shoplifters are not putting anyone’s life in danger.

Also, I kind of feel like someone who thinks the appropriate response to shoplifters is whipping out a gun really should not have a gun. That is a ticking time bomb, ok?

Look. I was in retail for a long ass time. I never went after a shoplifter. In fact, almost any place you work will tell you to not go after shoplifters. You call security, you engage with them in order to make it difficult for them to shoplift in the first place, but you don’t go after them. Why? Because it’s not worth it to risk your own safety or anyone else’s over some stolen items. Nothing in a retail store is as valuable as someone’s life.

The employees at the store did exactly what they were supposed to do. They didn’t go after the shoplifters themselves, and the loss prevention officers waited until the shoplifters were out of the store. These practices are in place for the purpose of keeping everyone safe.

If someone were to have done this when I was working, I would have been both extremely traumatized and pissed as hell–specifically because I’m pretty sure that any damage a gun would do in a retail establishment would probably cost more to fix than whatever the person was shoplifting! You don’t kill people over shoplifting, ok? Shoplifting is not a crime punishable by death. That is not a good reason to take your gun out. Not to mention the fact that she could have hurt or possibly even killed someone.

On behalf of retail workers everywhere, and on behalf of people who sometimes happen to be in parking lots everywhere, I would like to implore fans of concealed carry to please, please, please do not try to be helpful by gunning down shoplifters.

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