Good Lord, Justin Bieber Has A Really Beautiful Penis

Hey, how’s your Wednesday? Almost time to go home, right? Gonna go watch “Empire? Or are you going to watch “Blackish”? Hmm, how about before you go and do any of that, you take a look at these pictures of Justin Bieber’s beautiful penis, captured for posterity on these grainy, zoomed-in paparazzi shots, taken from Bora Bora, where Bieber is vacationing. He strolled outside, walking around, nude. As you do. Really nude.

That’s a nice fucking wang, guys.

Like, this is a pretty solid penis. I’d even call it a beautiful penis. It’s a penis for the ages. I’m mad that his hair looks like the fluffy down of a baby chick in the springtime, but you know, that D makes up for just about all of his past transgressions. Just … zoom in, if you can. From where we sit, it appears to have the girth and the heft of a half-eaten tube of cookie dough. Just … yeah. Take a look. [NY Daily News]