Watch This Drunk Little Punk Ass UConn Student Get Taken To The Ground For Demanding Mac N Cheese

My coworker at Death and Taxes sent me a link to this YouTube video, and I wasn’t going to post it because it’s not really “on brand,” but I changed my mind after I got utterly swept up into watching all nine-plus minutes, and realized you probably would too. So yeah, watch this little shit UConn student drunkenly demanding that he be served jalapeno and bacon mac ‘n’ cheese, getting denied because, you know, he’s wasted and acting a fool, and then repeatedly shoving the manager of the establishment until another employee straight drags his ass to the ground, crying, “I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH MY BOSS!!!” This is how I imagine The Frisky ladies would react if some little punk ass frat boy tried to mess with me. Right guys? Right? Anyway, WTF is up with the white preppy youths of today?! Oh wait, probs more of the same old same old.