Unbelievably Adorable New Species Of Rat Discovered

I know a lot of people think rats are ugly, but you gotta admit: The hog nose on this new species of rodent is pretty darn cute. I mean, look at that giant nose on that tiny face!

Five of these cuties were found on Sulawesi Island by a team of researchers from Australia, Indonesia, and the U.S. It’s been named Hyorhinomys stuempkei, or “hog-nosed rat,” and is one of a few new species of rats that have been found in Indonesia in recent years, including an amphibious rats. The researchers don’t know how many the hog-nosed species are in the forests on Sulawesi, but the five captured rats are cozy in an Indonesian museum.

Now, the question is: Who’s better – pizza rat or hog-nosed rat? (We’re keeping chicken wing squirrel out of this one, that’d be unfair.)


[Image via Museum Victoria]

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