The Maxi Pad Bandit Might Not Understand Heists, But He Totally Gets The Ladies

Criminals have been covering up their faces with lady products for a long time, but they’re usually of the pantyhose variety. Thanks to the Maxi Pad Bandit, old timey robbers can now mix things up while making use of their wives’ oversized feminine hygiene products.

Last Monday, the Maxi Pad Bandit (also my nickname in high school) – later revealed to be Gary Victor, 51 – burglarized a store in Apple Valley, California. The store owner, Mark Wedell, was more amused than concerned by the incident and even coined the nickname.

Victor, who was believed to be under the influence of something other than menstruation, was easily identified by Wedell, who saw him look in the store window without his maxi pad mask prior to breaking in. The police were able to catch up with Victor at a nearby residence, where he was arrested.

While this wasn’t the smartest heist and robbery is always wrong, it’s nice to see that there are men out there who aren’t icked out by periods. Plus, thanks to him, I now have a Halloween costume! [NBC 4]