Dear Conservatives: Why Doesn’t This Little Girl’s Life Matter As Much As The Life Of A Fetus?

In my three years or so of writing on the internet, I don’t think I can count how many articles like this I’ve written. Way too many. Over, and over, and over again I write these articles about little kids killing little kids with the guns that their mommy or daddy or some other adult so casually left out. Sometimes on accident, sometimes — this time — on purpose.

This weekend, eight-year-old McKayla Dyer was murdered by an 11-year-old boy at the trailer park where she lived. He’d been bullying her since her family moved in, but then one day asked to play with her puppy. She said no, so he went back home, got his dad’s 12-gauge shotgun, and he shot her in the chest, killing her.

He’s being charged with first degree murder. No word on if the asswipe who left his gun out so an 11-year-old had access to it will be charged with anything.

On top of that, just last week, 10 people were murdered at Umpqua Community College in Oregon by yet another goddamned mass shooter. Jeb Bush responded by saying “Stuff happens.” Donald Trump said “Whaddaya gonna do?” Mike Huckabee responded by blaming it on “sin” — by which, being Mike Huckabee, he probably means “gay people and sluts.” Ben Carson said that if he were President, he simply wouldn’t have time to go meet with the grieving families of the victims of this tragedy.

They shrug these things off. Or they say maybe we should have even more guns. That if there were more guns we could prevent these tragedies, somehow! Tell me though, how were “more guns” going to protect McKayla Dyer?

If these were things that “just happen” they’d happen just as often in other places too. But they don’t, OK? They just don’t.

These same people who could not give two flying fucks about deaths from gun violence are somehow, to a one, the people the most upset about abortion. Across the board! They are devastated by it! They demand restrictions! Waiting periods! Trans-vaginal ultrasounds! Signed permission slips! Lectures from their doctors! They demand clinics have admitting privileges at hospitals — which doesn’t actually do anything! They want to defund Planned Parenthood over some bullshit they saw on YouTube that every single State investigation into has proven false thus far!

But when it comes a living, breathing person, a living, breathing child that has already been born and started to live? They get shot by some asshole? It’s “Oh! Well, you know! These things happen! Whatever! Theirs is the blood that must water our glorious tree of liberty! That’s just the price we have to pay for our glorious freedom to own machines that serve no other purpose other than killing! We certainly can’t discuss gun control! Stop politicizing a tragedy!

So I have some questions for them: Who the hell are you people to dare say you care about life? How can you have such gall? When you brush off gun violence? When you brush off police violence and cry, cry, cry because you think Black Lives Matter excludes white people (when, coincidentally, so does most police violence)? When you don’t support labor laws that help parents provide better lives for their children? When you don’t like your precious tax dollars going to feed hungry children in this country or give them health care or shelter, but are more than happy for it to be used to kill children in other countries? When you support the death penalty and just don’t care if it results in INNOCENT people being executed because “mistakes happen”?

When you can look at a picture of an eight-year-old girl, dead from gun irresponsibility, and say, “Stuff happens,” what you’re actually saying is, “Sorry, she just doesn’t matter as much as a fetus does! I don’t care if a million more like her die! I am willing to sacrifice their lives rather than consider any form of gun control for even a millisecond!”

Is there something you find distasteful about human beings who have actually been born? I want details. I want to know why death outside the womb is more of an acceptable loss. I want to know why we’re supposed to believe that your opposition to abortion is born out of some great love of human life, when in every other imaginable scenario, you pick the least altruistic option.

I want to know what the fuck is wrong with you people.

And I want gun control.