Concerned Mom Mad Son’s History Book Doesn’t Show Bright Side Of Crusades

Meet Christian Kayla Normandin. She’s from Florida, and she is quite upset about some things in her son’s World History textbook. Mainly the part about it being World History, from what I can gather, rather than “History Of The Parts Of The World Christian Kayla Normandin Is OK With Her Kid Learning About.” So she posted a 15-minute rambling, tearful analysis of her various problems with the book.

Her primary issue is that she does not like the fact that the chapter on the Middle East keeps mentioning “Ay-Rab” people and Muslims for some reason. And it’s 40 pages long! And in a textbook!

Chief among Normandin’s complaints is that the book, shockingly, portrays The Crusades as a less than pleasant time and maybe not the best idea anyone ever had. She wonders why they can’t say something nice about the Crusaders! Or just not mention things like killing Jewish people in Europe during that time! Why can’t they look on the bright side of the Crusades!

Or, as she calls it “the truth.”

Now, I swear to god, I didn’t know anyone was out there defending the Crusades. I honestly didn’t. I kind of figured that everyone, collectively, agreed that was just a bad time altogether. I just thought maybe this lady got her Monty Python movies mixed up. But nope! I googled, and apparently some people defend The Crusades now. Also, surprisingly, The Spanish Inquisition. Which, truly, I did not expect.

But those are not Ms. Normandin’s only problems with the book. They also include mention of–gasp–Arabic numerals. I don’t even want to know what this woman is going to think when she finds out about math class. She might have a heart attack the second she finds out her precious child is not using Roman numerals in his equations. And later on, possibly even studying “algebra“–probably for the purpose of preparing him for sharia law.

Thankfully, Normandin has her supporters. Including one lady who triumphantly described her own experience getting own daughter out of learning the history of other places.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 5.32.47 PM

Yes! Why bother having classes at all? Just have children sell boxes of candy while telling people what religion they are! Instead of learning stuff!

For the rest of the video, Normandin mostly complained about how they don’t say enough negative things about Muslim people, and mentioned that Muslim people exist too often for her taste, or something. Apparently, she is very afraid that if her child finds out about the existence of Muslim people that he will automatically convert or something? I don’t know. Maybe they can stick her kid in some special class where he will only learn about white Christian people and how great they are always.