10 Non-Therapeutic, Just-For-Fun Adult Coloring Books

It’s the year of the coloring book, apparently: Adults have rediscovered probably the most universal childhood activity, and many of us are finding it therapeutic and mindful. I’ll hedge my bets on its therapeutic uses, personally, because while mandala and floral coloring books are certainly very pretty, wasn’t it the coloring books that had characters or were just easy that were your favorites, as a kid?

Not everything has to have a utility: That’s the point of childhood, really. Who cares if coloring will help you work toward self-improvement, as long as they’re just fun? Here are 10 of the best coloring books you can do just for kicks.

Dinosaurs Smoking Weed by Shahrzad Ghadjar (Etsy, $12)

dinosaurs smoking weed

Because why not dinosaurs smoking weed?

Pixel Gamer Coloring Book by Dmitrii Vlaslov (D-Originals, $4.99)

pixel gamer coloring book

For your big, red, shiny 8-bit heart.

Thank You For Being a Friend: A Golden Girls Activity Book by Alan Ronay (Etsy, $5.99)

thank you for being a friend

If you threw a party and invited everyone you knew, you would see this Golden Girls Coloring Book would be from me and the card attached would say ‘THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND.’

Color My Boobs: A Titillating Coloring Book for Adults by B.B. Stacks (Etsy, $11.50)

color my boobs

Does it not seem like tremendous fun to color boobs in your free time?

Unicorns Are Jerks: A coloring book exposing the cold, hard, sparkly truth by Theo Nicole Lorenz (Amazon, $6.99)

unicorns are jerks

Everything you think you know about unicorns is WRONG.

The Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book by Aye Jay (Microcosm Publishing, $9.95)

the punk rock fun time activity book

I’m assuming everyone else is like me and would jump at the chance to redesign Henry Rollins’ tattoos or color in Siouxsie Sioux.

Best of the Serial Killer Coloring Book by Rich Hillen, Jr. (Lulu, $16)

the best of the serial killer coloring book

Fun and educational, with a profile for each serial killer and appropriately creepy illustrations.

Breaking Bad: Cookin’ Up Some Color, Yo by Walter Foster Creative Team (Amazon, $11.06)

cookin' up some color yo


Color Ink Book: The DIY Periodical (Big Cartel, $10 each or $40 for a year-long subscription)

color ink book

For the coloring enthusiast who would like a quarterly periodical chock full of new artwork from emerging illustrators.

You’re Weird: A Coloring Book For Strange Creatures of All Ages by The Dapper Jackalope (Etsy, $15)

you're weird

A super-cute coloring book worthy of keeping for yourself or sharing with kids, celebrating strangeness of all stripes.

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