This Facebook Group Is Helping South Carolina Flood Victims Reunite With Their Pets

When South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley declared a state of emergency on Thursday evening due to floods cause by extreme amounts of rain, many people unfortunately thought she was exaggerating. Nine people have died in total since then and though the rain has slowed, it is still very much a crisis situation. As of today, 550 roads and bridges are closed, 40,000 residences are without water and about 26,000 are without power.

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As the storm settles, Carolinians are being told to exercise extreme caution. The forecast is improving, but there are many issues from the flooding thus far, including a dam breach that occurred today. And all throughout, people have been coming together in impressive displays of humanity in order to help victims recover.

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Social media has been crucial in communicating the severity of the situation to people in  South Carolina and beyond, but it has also served as a bright spot on what has been a miserable few days, specifically helping pet owners locate their lost four-legged friends. The Lost & Found Pets of South Carolina is a community page on Facebook that has been around since 2012, however it has become incredibly active since the catastrophic storm hit last week.

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Imagine that, in addition to losing your home, you lost your dog as well — how much would it mean to be reunited with your furry BFF again? The answer is everything. Local residents can use the page to post about their own missing pets or about animals that have been found in an effort to locate their owners. If you or anyone you know lives in the area, you can do your part to help by checking out the Facebook page and sharing the posts about the lost and found pets to your own Facebook pages. Every little bit of signal boosting helps! [Lost & Found Pets of South Carolina]