Sure Hope No One On Carly Fiorina’s Staff Expects To Actually Get Paid Or Anything

Carly Fiorina is a multi-faceted woman with many fascinating and diverse hobbies. Running large corporations into the ground, massive layoffs, making up bizarre pipe dreams about Planned Parenthood and, according to an exposé in the Washington Times, losing elections and then not bothering to pay her staff!

It’s true! Although Carly Fiorina was kind enough to pay herself back the $1.3 million she put into her California Senate campaign against Barbara Boxer, she neglected to pay about $500,000 that she owed to other people.

In one particularly galling instance, Joe Shumate — a pollster who worked on Fiorina’s campaign — died about a month before the election. While Fiorina publicly offered her condolences to Shumate’s widow, she refused to give her Shumate’s last paycheck of $30,000 — which I think might make her a completely evil person!

In addition, East Meridian Strategies, a small business that printed 21,290 mailers, was promised $18,000 for their services but only ever got $9,000.

Now, if you’re thinking “perhaps this was just some oversight?” you are far too magnanimous a person. Because guess what? It was all 100 percent on purpose. The campaign just felt that, because Fiorina lost, those people were not owed the money they were promised.

Via the Washington Post:

“People are just upset and angry and throwing her under the bus,” said Jon Cross, Fiorina’s operations director for her Senate campaign. “If we didn’t win, why do you deserve to get paid? If you don’t succeed in business, you shouldn’t be the first one to step up and complain about getting paid.”

NOW, listen: I am just a lowly pajama blogger. I don’t know that much about business! However, this statement seemed a little suspect to me, so I reached out to someone who does know a hell of a lot about business and just so happens to also be my father. He confirmed my suspicion that no, that is definitely not how things work. Even if you fail, you still have to pay your people — unless they were working on commission or something, which one would definitely not be doing in this particular scenario. Surely, if Fiorina truly believed that she didn’t owe her employees because she lost the campaign, she would not have paid herself back.

There were, however, some things her campaign did spend a crap ton of money on! Like this weird ass eight-minute-long video where Barbara Boxer turns into a blimp! According to one Republican insider, the video and the event where it debuted likely cost over six figures:

TBH I lost interest in watching this at about 58 seconds in, so it doesn’t seem like a thing that was worth spending a crap ton of money on.

Carly Fiorina’s whole deal is that she’s a business person and thus somehow more qualified to run the country than someone who has been in politics her whole life. But like, if she’s a “business person,” shouldn’t she be slightly better with money? I mean, she ran HP into the ground, she screwed people who worked on her previous campaign, she seems like kind of an awful person in general, so what exactly are her qualifications here? That she’s really good at lying about Planned Parenthood? Can’t pretty much any Republican do that?

Now, I’m not gonna tell people that they shouldn’t work on her campaign. That’s up to them! But hey, they should probably know that she thinks that if she loses, she doesn’t have to pay them, and that’s something they’re going to have to be comfortable with.

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