“Sister Wives” Star Says She Was Catfished By Woman Pretending To Be A Man

Meri Brown, one of the stars of TLC’s “Sister Wives,” has admitted to having had an “emotional affair” with a woman who was pretending to be a man online.

The relationship was exposed by All About The Tea last month, which reported that Brown had been catfished by a woman named Jackie Overton, who was claiming to be a business mogul named Sam Cooper. The relationship started out professionally, but soon turned romantic. It seems that Overton has run this scam on many people before, and that her general scheme is to get them to give her money and pay for various luxuries.

CREDIT: allaboutthetea.com

For her part, Meri has told People magazine that she is coming forward about the fraud in hopes of warning others about the dangers of trusting people they meet online.

“During an emotional and vulnerable time earlier this year, I began speaking with someone online who turned out to be not who they said they were,” Meri tells PEOPLE in an exclusive statement.

“I never met this person and I regret being drawn into this situation, but I hope because of it I can help others who find themselves in similar circumstances.”

The emotional and vulnerable time she’s speaking of is that she had to divorce her husband, Kody Brown, so that he could marry the latest Sister Wife, Robyn*, in order to adopt her children from a previous marriage. Which, you know, even though they’re in a polygamous relationship, probably doesn’t feel very good.

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*Not gonna lie, that felt like a very weird thing to type.