Oh Shit: Tom Cruise’s Daughter Isabella Secretly Married A Non-Scientologist — And Dad Wasn’t Invited!

Back in 2012, gossip blogs were abuzz with the rumor that Isabella Cruise — the eldest child of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, who adopted her as a baby — was considering joining the Sea Org, the Church of Scientology’s religious order. Her boyfriend at the time, Eddie Frencher, had just signed his own billion year contract and Isabella, as the daughter of the Church’s most beloved celebrity member, was likely under all sorts of pressure to join their ranks, not only for the elite status, but in order to better maintain their romantic relationship. Isabella and her younger brother Connor were raised as Scientologists their entire lives, and the Church’s hold over them was especially clear in the wake of their parents’ split – which was allegedly set into motion by Scientology officials at the behest of Cruise’s BFF, Chairman of the Board David Miscavige – with both teens going through a lengthy period of estrangement from Kidman, whom the Church considered a suppressive person (SP). If the Church of Scientology could successfully separate a daughter from her mother, why wouldn’t she also consider devoting the next billion years to them?

Isabella never followed through on joining, however, and she and Frencher broke up, as relationships between Sea org members and public members are a big no-no. When Frencher bailed on the Sea Org in January 2013 and he and Isabella were reunited, her father Tom was allegedly furious — and thus, a little glimmer of hope was born. Maybe Frencher’s experience in the Sea Org would motivate Isabella to do a little digging into Scientology’s lengthy history of alleged human rights abuses. Maybe she wouldn’t be a lifelong, diehard member of the Church of Scientology forever after all.

Today, that hope glimmers even brighter! While Isabella and Frencher’s relationship ended in September 2013, the distance between her and her father — and her and the Church — seems to have only gotten bigger. According to Women’s Day, Isabella secretly married her newish boyfriend, a guy named Max Parker, last month in London — and not only is he not a Scientologist, but her father has never met him AND he did not attend the wedding. While Nicole Kidman’s attendance is not confirmed, the actress has been living in London while she performs in a play in the West End, and the magazine says that she is “overjoyed” by her daughter’s choice in partner. She’s probably overjoyed, at least in part, because Parker is NOT a Scientologist, which makes a whole lot of sense given her own terrible experience with the Church. You know who I bet is NOT overjoyed? TOM CRUISE. And that’s just the way I like it.

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