Watch: Farmer Uncovers 11,000 Year Old Wooly Mammoth Bones In A Field

Michigan farmer James Bristle and his buddy were digging in his southern Michigan soybean field when they thought they unearthed a bent fence post caked with mud. The fence instead turned out to be part of a pelvis from an ancient woolly mammoth aged at about 11,000 years.

A team of paleontologists from the University of Michigan came to James Bristle’s field with an excavator and recovered 20 percent of the animal’s skeleton this week in Washtenaw County’s Lima Township.

Along with the pelvis, the group of paleontologists also found the skull and two tusks, along with numerous vertebrae, ribs and both shoulder blade.

Humans most likely stored the mammoth’s remains in what the scientists called “a large underground meat locker.”

This is cool as hell!

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