Sheriff In Charge Of Oregon Massacre Probe Is An Anti-Gun Control Conspiracy Theorist

The sheriff at the heart of the Oregon school massacre that took place at Umpqua Community College is kind of a scary gun nut that explains the systematic problem we have in this country.

Sheriff John Hanlin is firmly and vocally anti-gun control, believing that guns don’t have anything to do with the school shootings that occur across the United States at an alarming rate.

Hanlin even went as far as sending Vice President Joe Biden a staunch letter urging him to uphold the 2nd Amendment.

In 2013, Sheriff Hanlin also reportedly posted a “conspiracy theory” video about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre that left 20 children and six adults dead. The video apparently shows that Sandy Hook was some kind of vast conspiracy by gun control lunatics. Um, no sir, no.

Twitter took to the issue, calling Hanlin out for being part of the problem:

Sit down, Sheriff.